Research Briefs: Education and Employment

These short summaries highlight recent research findings and suggest policy implications on issues related to child well-being and the social and economic circumstances faced by unwed parents. Click here to see the complete list of Fragile Families research briefs.

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No. 44 Parental Incarceration, Children's School Readiness, and Intervention Needs
No. 38 Incarceration, Employment, and Earnings Among Fathers in Fragile Families
No. 31 On-the-Job Moms: Work and Breastfeeding Duration
No. 26 Parents' Labor Force Participation: Does Child Health Matter?
No. 18 Looking for Murphy Brown: Are College-Educated, Single Mothers Unique
No. 16 Barriers to Marriage Among Fragile Families
No. 6 A Balancing Act: Sources of Economic Support Among Unwed Mothers
No. 3 Unwed Fathers, the Underground Economy, and Child Support Policy

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