Research Briefs: Family Structure and Stability

These short summaries highlight recent research findings and suggest policy implications on issues related to child well-being and the social and economic circumstances faced by unwed parents. Click here to see the complete list of Fragile Families research briefs.

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No. 51 Family Instability from Birth to Adolescence: Evidence from a Birth Cohort Study
No. 39 Parents’ Relationship Status Five Years After a Non-Marital Birth
No. 33 Young Children's Behavioral Problems in Married and Cohabiting Families
No. 32 Children's Elevated Risk of Asthma in Unmarried Families
No. 27 Maternal Stress and Mothering Behaviors in Stable and Unstable Families
No. 25 Racial and Ethnic Differences in Marriage Among New, Unwed Parents
No. 20 The Effects of Welfare and Child Support Policies on Union Formation
No. 14 Union Formation and Dissolution in Fragile Families
No. 12 Incarceration and the Bonds Among Parents
No. 11 Mothers Beliefs About Welfare Rules
No. 10 Diversity Among Unmarried Parents
No. 7 The Living Arrangements of New Unmarried Mothers

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