Year 9

The Year 9 follow-up wave of data collection took place from 2007 to 2010, which makes the data useful for researchers interested in the effects of the Great Recession on children and families. It is different from previous waves because the home visit was integral to the wave procedures. In previous waves, we conducted core interviews before proceeding to the in-home components. At year 9, our initial interview was with the child's primary caregiver (usually the mother) and we scheduled a home visit at the time of that initial interview. As part of the home visit, we interviewed focal children for the first time. We attempted teacher surveys through the mail. Similar to previous waves, we have core interviews with mothers and fathers. Restricted Data at this wave include census tract characteristics of mother and father residences, macroeconomic indicators, administrative data on children's school characteristics, and genetic data from saliva samples from the mother and focal child.