Future of Children - Reducing Justice System Inequality

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Future of Children Journal has released their latest issue, "Reducing Justice System Inequality".

To introduce the issue, the FOC website states:

"The criminal justice system reinforces and deepens inequalities among young people in America. This issue takes stock of the policies, programs, and practices that may reduce those inequalities at each stage of the process, from police stops on the street through sentencing and incarceration. It also examines how schools and foster care contribute to justice system inequality—and how they can help relieve it—as well as how to best help the children of incarcerated parents."

This issue contains the article "Parental Incarceration and Children’s Wellbeing" by Kristin Turney and Rebecca Goodsell which highlights several studies using FFCWS data. In this article, Turney and Goodsell walk us through the evidence that parental incarceration impairs children’s wellbeing throughout the life course. Given the fact that already vulnerable children are also the most likely to experience having a parent behind bars, they write, these trends increase inequality among children. Turney and Goodsell also review mechanisms that may link parental incarceration to children’s wellbeing and then turn to programs designed to improve the wellbeing of children of incarcerated parents.